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Jr. Beekeepers Program

Below are the guidelines of the GBA Jr. Beekeepers

4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest 
The essay contest is an annual event sponsored by the National Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. and hosted by the State 4-H program and the University of Georgia’s Entomology Department. This is a national competition offered by the Foundation, and in the spring of each year is judged at the state level by the UGA Entomology Department.   The top three essays are selected, and the first ranked winner competes at the national level. The contest is open to active 4-Hers only. Beginning in 2014, GBA will provide the cash prizes to the winners at the State level in the amount of:

  • $250 for 1st Place
  • $100 for 2nd place
  • $  50 for 3rd place

As soon as possible after being notified by the 4-H Director, these checks will be sent to the winning individuals with a letter of congratulations from the President of the Georgia Beekeepers Association. Junior Beekeeping Program.

Junior Beekeeping Program
In addition to the state 4-H program, the Georgia Beekeepers Association will support Georgia’s junior beekeepers by implementing the following program effective June 1, 2014: 

Any active beekeeping club within the Georgia Beekeepers Association whose officers are all members of GBA (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) shall be eligible to receive financial support for a junior beekeeping program in the amount not to exceed $200.00 per calendar year. 

The funds shall be used to support an education program in basic or advanced beekeeping, sponsored and presented by local club members.  Funds may also be used to rent facilities, educational equipment, education materials, advertising, snacks, etc.
A junior beekeeper is defined as any student less than 18 years of age or who has not yet graduated from high school (12th grade).
The program shall be available to all youth throughout the state.

The funds may not be used for: 

    • Purchasing equipment such as smokers, hive hardware, personal protection suits, gloves or veils.
    • Paying professional speakers’ travel or fees. 
    • The purchase of bees in nucs or packages, or the purchase of queens. 
To obtain the funds:
    1. The president of the local club must submit a request to the Vice President of GBA outlining the program, date/time, location, and expected number of students. 
    2. The GBA Vice President will review the request, grant approval, and send it to the Treasurer for the funds to be disbursed. 
    3. Upon completion of the program, the local club president will send a summary of the program, showing in an itemized list of how the funds were spent, reporting the number of students who were impacted by the funds, and including how having the funds enhanced their Junior Beekeeping program. 
    4. This will be sent to the GBA Secretary to be kept as a matter of record.
    5. The Treasurer will account for all funds distributed and make that a part of the treasurer’s report at the meeting of the members.

The purpose of supporting these programs is to educate our youth and to encourage learning about the importance of honey bees, and hopefully, get youth involved with the beekeeping industry as a hobby or commercially.  This policy supersedes all previous 4-H and junior beekeeping policies.

Download the above guidelines.

For more information on the Jr. Beekeepers program contact the GBA Vice President

Jr. Beekeeper Committee Chair

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