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Honey Bee Removal License Requirements

Rule 620-9-.02 General Requirements 

  1. Control and removal of honeybees from a structure must be made consistent with the following.
    1. The use of any “pesticide” as defined in Rule 620-2-.01(z), to control, remove, or eliminate honeybees in, on, or under a structure shall be considered household pest control license.
    2. “Honeybee control and removal” is limited to the control and removal of honeybees. The control, removal, or elimination of other types of bees requires a Household Pest Control license as defined in Rule 620-2-.01(s).
  2. A honeybee control and removal contract shall be issued on all honeybee control and removal jobs in accordance with requirements of the Fair Business Practices Act of 1975, and the rules of the Federal Trade Commission, 16 C.F.R. 429, including disclosure by the licensee of the three (3) day right of cancellation. The terms of any contract extension beyond the original terms shall be indicated on the contract. The contract shall include a description of scope of work including the type of honeybee removal.
  3. A cut-out, or open-air hive in a structure, honeybee control and removal job must include the removal of the honeybees, wax comb, honey, brood and other associated material and debris from the structure in addition to sealing all possible reentry points.
  4. Every contract for a trap-out honeybee removal job type must contain the following statement, “This job will only remove honeybees. The wax comb, honey, brood and other associated material will remain in the structure and may result in re-infestation and secondary pest issues.”
  5. Any person engaging in honeybee control and removal must be a Certified Honeybee Control and Removal Operator and must hold a Structural Pest Control Company License in the Operational Category of HoneybeeRemoval.
  6. Before being issued a Honeybee Removal Operator certification, the applicant must provide the Commission with satisfactory evidence of his or her qualifications including the following:
    1. Completed application form;
    2. Eight (8) hours of classroom training approved by the Commission and presented by a currently Certified Honeybee Control and Removal Operator or other person whom the Commission has determined to be competent to deliver training in the following areas:
      1. State and Federal laws and regulations on Honeybee Control.
      2. Honeybee identification and types of live honeybee removals (cut-out, trap-out, and swarm removal) including basic removal techniques.
      3. Determining if there is an established honeybee colony, and how to locate a colony living inside of a structure. 
      4. Proper cut-out removal techniques including basic construction knowledge, recommended tools, finding and caging the queen, preventing future infestations, saving comb and hiving the bees.
      5. Trap-out techniques and negative consequences of leaving honeycomb, honey pollen and brood inside a structure.
      6. Eradication vs. Relocation including common insecticides/pesticides applied to honeybees by homeowners and PCOs.
      7. (vii)Potential safety and health hazards.
    3. Participation in a minimum of three (3) honeybee removal jobs
  7. A score of at least (70) percent on a written examination covering the training; and
  8. Payment of an Operator Certification Fee.

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