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Save the Honey Bee License Plate

The Georgia Beekeepers Association is proud to offer the Save The Honey Bee license plate to Georgia drivers so they can show their support of local pollinators while on the road. Each license plate sold helps to educate local beekeepers and the public about honey bees and the importance of pollinators, as well as supports research on honey bee health. 

The Georgia Beekeepers Association gets $22 from each special tag fee per year. 

How to Buy

If you are already registered in Georgia and would like to change to a Save The Honey Bee tag, visit the Georgia Motor Vehicle website. Click ‘Tag Renewal’ and then search for your car. Then select ‘yes’ when asked if you want a new plate. Select the Save The Honey Bee plate from the dropdown menu.
If you are registering your vehicle for the first time, select the Save The Honey Bee plate from the dropdown menu.

Your Save The Honey Bee tag can be renewed online like normal plates. Simply note that you would not like to change your current tag after you log in.
To view more information on the plate on the Georgia Motor Vehicle website, click here.

In Office
Ask for a Save The Honey Bee license plate at the tag office window. In most cases, you will be issued a temporary plate in the office, and your license plate will be mailed to you after your visit. A few tag offices have the Save The Honey Bee license plates in stock. If the office is having trouble finding the tag, they can search for the License Plate Code “BK.” 

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