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The GBA publishes a monthly newsletter, Spilling the Honey, which includes events and meetings held by clubs across the state each month. Throughout the newsletter we include articles and information helpful to our state beekeepers.


What’s your beekeeping story? Do you have a beekeeping tall tale to share? Do you have thoughts to share about how beekeeping has impacted your life? 

We invite you to write about anything that has to do with your beekeeping and send it to Spilling the Honey. Our GBA newsletter consists almost entirely of original articles by GBA members.  We would love to have an article written by you.

We request that you stick to a 500 word count for your article. The newsletter loves to get photos to go with what you write. 

The newsletter comes out once a month near the first of the month. On about the 15th of the month, all members get a nudge from our two editors to submit articles. The due date is usually about five days before the end of the month. 

Send all submissions to Articles can be submitted in Word documents or in Google Docs. Attach any related photos to your email.  



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