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Buzz Fund

The Georgia Beekeepers Association uses the Buzz Fund to support research in the beekeeping community. Over the past few years the buzz fund has been awarded to honey bee research in and around Georgia. 

How to Apply for the Buzz Fund Grant. (pdf)

Any individual, institution, or organization may apply online for a BUZZ FUND Grant.

Purpose: The local grant is to give individuals, institutions, and organizations the opportunity to make a larger positive impact in their geographical area.

Scope: The local grant is specifically to be used to promote honey bee activities by:

  1. Engaging in scientific and/or academic research which advances or positively impacts honeybees and/or beekeeping;
  2. Hosting workshops or classes to attract and support new beekeepers.
  3. Purchasing equipment that will be shared with other local beekeepers as a resource;
  4. Building an association / community honey processing house, and/or purchasing extracting equipment;
  5. Creating and maintaining a local queen breeding group that supports a local beekeeping association with queens, nucs, local package bees, etc.
  6. Building resources to engage and educate the public on the benefits of honey bees;
  7. Researching new methods of beekeeping that will benefit other beekeeping associations;
  8. Sending members to educational opportunities to share with the community.
Buzz Fund Grant Guidelines: Grant applications may be awarded or declined, in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of the Buzz Fund Committee. Grant arrangements are flexible depending on funding ability of potential Grantee. Grant may specifically be used for construction or purchase of materials for fair booths, beekeeping equipment, educational materials, teaching aids and honey bees.
  1. The GBA may grant money for projects involving honeybees, honeybee education, beekeeping supplies, and/or equipment pertaining thereto;
  2. An approved grant application may be required to be subject to professional/peer review or supervision by a college/university program, as directed by the Buzz Fund Committee;
  3. Preference will may be given to applications from individuals holding a current GBA Membership;
  4. Applicants will be required to submit a detailed proposal that includes all proposed expenses to be eligible for grant selection;
  5. Any grant may, at the sole discretion of the Buzz Fund Committee, require matching funds from the Applicant;
  6. The term of the grant shall be for one year up to a maximum of three years starting from the month the grant was issued;
  7. The service area of the GBA grant includes and is limited to the area within the geographical boundaries of the State of Georgia;
  8. All grant awards will be conditional upon the execution of written “Terms & Conditions of Grant” signed by the Applicant(s) and the Buzz Fund Committee Chairperson.
Applicants must include in the application the following:
  1. Applicant’s name, address, telephone numbers, and email addresses;
  2. Title of grant;
  3. Length of time proposed grant will run;
  4. Purpose and scope of grant, including details of the proposed program, methodology, and the number of persons the grant will expose to beekeeping principles and practices;
  5. Detailed list of proposed expenses including paid labor, materials and equipment; 
At the discretion of the Buzz Fund Committee, applications not filled out completely and legibly will not be accepted.

Application and Grant Process:

Initial written applications can be submitted to any GBA Officer, Board Member, Buzz Fund Committee Member, or through the GBA website.

Following the submission of the initial, written application, the Applicant will be required to make a live presentation of their application to the Buzz Fund Committee at a time and location to be set by the Chairperson of the Buzz Fund Committee. 

At the discretion of the Committee, Grantees may be required to make periodic written, or in-person, reports on the progress of the project. 

Upon completion of the project, the Grantees will be required to make a live presentation to the Committee reporting any findings and/or results thereof. Upon the completion of a Buzz Fund grant project, the Grantee may be invited (but not required) to give a presentation of their project and findings/results as part of the next regularly scheduled GBA meeting.

All elected GBA officers and Board Members will be notified in advance of any in-person presentations described herein, and may attend and participate in the same.

The Buzz Fund Committee Chairperson (or his/her designee) will report on the status of all pending applications and/or projects to the GBA Board of Directors as part of their regular report at each regular meeting GBA Board of Directors. Applicants/Grantees are accountable and answerable to the Buzz Fund Committee. The Buzz Fund Committee is accountable and answerable to the GBA Board of Directors.

Committee reports on the status/progress/results of each application/project will be submitted to the GBA Newsletter for publication.

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