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FAQ About the Jr. Beekeepers


Is there a charge for attending the class?

Yes, we charge a $10 registration fee for everyone ages 7 and up that attends, this includes any adults.


Do we need to bring food for breaks or lunch?

No, the registration fee also covers snacks and drinks during the break along with lunch, (Subway Sandwiches). If however you have a child that has food allergies or other special needs then you will have to provide their food for them.


Who is the target audience (age range)?

We typically set the age range at 7 to 18. We do allow you to bring children under 7, but they are not considered a part of the program, they will not receive a certificate, and they must be under your supervision at all times.


Can parents also attend the class?

Yes, we require at least one parent/adult for every 3 students that attend.


What are the chance of someone being stung?

While we are happy to report that after all of our Jr. Classes we've only had 3 students to ever get stung, all parents need to understand that there is a real chance of someone being stung.


What topics will be covered?

The topics will include all aspects of beekeeping. We will cover the different cast of honey bees (queen, worker, drone), where honey bees live (in the wild), what honey bees do (gather honey, pollen), the life cycle of honey bees (seasonal life of the colony). These topics will be spread out during the day. We will also have workshops where the children can assemble a bee hive, light a smoker, and most importantly going out into the bee yard.


When does the class begin and end?

Doors opens at 8:30am and the class will start at 9:00am and end some time around 3:30pm


How many students can you accommodate? 

It depends on the time of year and how much space is available at the UGA Bee Lab. Generally we can easily accommodate 25-30 students. We must have a minimum of 20 kids before we can schedule a class.


Can we have a class just for our group?

Yes, we will gladly put on a class for your group of 15 or more students.


Do the students need to bring any special equipment (veiled hat, gloves)?

No the students will be provided all that they will need to go into the bee yard. But, they should wear long pants and long socks. They should bring or wear some type of long sleeve shirt with a collar. The lighter the color the better, no black, brown, dark blue, or red colors should be worn. No flip-flops or open sandals/shoes. Typically blue jeans and a tee shirt, with a light color button up shirt does just fine. If you/they want they can bring these items with them and change before going to the bee yard.

For more information please contact:

Bill Owens

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