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About the GBA

The Georgia Beekeepers Association was started in 1920 to help support and promote the practice of beekeeping in the State of Georgia.

Our goals include promoting the use of products of Georgia beekeepers, representing the beekeepers of Georgia in state and national legislative matters and to promote the common interests and welfare of Georgia beekeepers and the beekeeping industry.

The Georgia Beekeepers Association achieves its goals by:

  1. Holding two state meetings a year, providing our members with educational opportunities in the beekeeping industry.
  2. Providing a quarterly newsletter to our membership.
  3. Providing our membership and the public this web site.
  4. Supporting honey bee research through grants from our "Buzz Fund".
  5. Providing the Jr. Beekeepers to help educate children and young adults about beekeeping.
  6. Providing educational scholarships to the Georgia 4-H.
  7. Providing grants to students working on beekeeping related projects.
  8. Having membership in regional and national beekeeping organizations.
  9. Supporting local beekeeping clubs in the State of Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about the Georgia Beekeepers Association, or beekeeping in general please contact

Keith Fielder
663 Godfrey Rd., Suite 101
Eatonton, GA 31024


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GBA President
Mary Cahill-Roberts
534 Mt Gerizim Rd.
Mableton GA 30126
(fax) 770-732-8242

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