Speakers and Presenters

The beekeepers listed are happy to share their beekeeping knowledge. Some are available for speaking engagements at bee clubs or at local schools. Please contact them for more information.

CompanyMember NameAddressCountyPhoneEmailAwards & CertificationsTopic Possibilities
Bear's Bees Bear Kelley 8633 SE 141st Lane Rd
Summerfield, FL
229-322-5025 beecat108@gmail.com Senior Welsh Honey Judge
Honey Show Secretary
  • Honey, the inside story
Georgia Bee Removal Bill Owens 4510 Springwood Dr.
Monroe, GA
Walton 404-516-1807 bowens@GaBeeRemoval.com Master Craftsman Beekeeper
  • Anything
Blue Sky Honey Bobby Chaisson Lula, GA Banks 706-540-4166 blueskyhoney@live.com Best of Show GA Honey Show 2017
  • The ups and downs of bee removals
  • Nectar bearing plants and trees in Georgia
  • Importance of honey bees
  • Extracting honey,
A Shore Farms Honeybee Service Brandon Shore 710 Yates Rd
Bowdon, GA
Carroll 404-661-1899 Shorefarmshoney@gmail.com
  • Begining Beekeeping
  • Bee Removals
  • Polinator Health
Drebbieville Hives Brian Drebber 3337 Upper Bethany Road
Ball Ground, GA
Cherokee 404-210-4844 bedrebber@aol.com
  • My area of specialty is the AZ hive. I have been using them since the Spring of 2014 and have built over 3 dozen as well as constructing what we think is the first Slovenian style beehouse in America.
Liberty Hill Honey Co., LLC Brutz English 901 Thomaston St
Barnesville, GA
Lamar 770-843-2110 brutzenglish@gmail.com Master Beekeeper
Senior Welsh Honey Judge
Honey Show Secretary
  • All About Honey Shows
  • Setting Up a Small Beekeeping Business
  • Robbing Your Hives
  • Extracting Your Honey
  • Swarm Retrieval
  • Honeybees & the Law
  • Why Every Beekeeper Should Join the GBA
Bud Champlin Jasper, GA 30143 770-324-4690 champlin@tds.net Master Beekeeper
  • Informal beekeeping classes and classroom presentations.
The Buzz Fuzz Dale Richter 158 Cookville Rd.
Leesburg, GA
Lee 229-886-7663 dalerichter@bellsouth.net
Honey Mountain Farm David Shipp 1112 West Ave.
Conyers, GA
Rockdale 770-843-0313 the7shipps@aol.com
Brandywine Apiaries Greg Cowling 512 Brandywine Dr
Evans, GA
Columbia 706-664-6223 brandywinebees@gmail.com Certified Naturally Grown
  • Beginning Beekeeping (adults and children)
  • Honey Bee Biology
Jane Quattlebaum 2327 Salcedo Ave
Savannah, GA
Chatham 912-658-0655 jquattills@comcast.net
Joe Conti 11 Dogwood Drive
Colbert, GA
Oglethorpe 706-614-6890 joecontibees@aol.com
  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Honey Bee Parasites, Diseases, Pests, and Predators
  • Swarming
Julia Mahood Atlanta, GA 678-448-2576 Julia@mahoodstudio.com Master Beekeeper
  • Natural & Foundationless Beekeeping
  • Beekeeping Tips ’n Tricks
  • How To Give Engaging Bee Talks
  • Making Creamed Honey
  • Besides Honey: Making Lip Balm, Lotion, and Propolis Tinctures
  • Splits and Swarm Control
Keif Schleifer 2107 North Decatur Rd. #367
Decatur, GA
DeKalb 404-229-0262 k.s.arch.design@gmail.com Advanced Beekeeper (Univ of FL)
  • Pesticides & Pollinators --Your Role as a Beekeeper
  • Any general beekeeping basics
Rock Hill Honey Farm Keith & Rose Anne Fielder  Eatonton, GA Putnam 706-473-0325 kfielder@uga.edu Master Beekeeper
Senior Welsh Honey Judge
Honey Show Secretary
Linda T's Bees Linda Tillman 843 Kings Court NE
Atlanta, GA
Fulton 404-447-1943 beekeeperlinda@gmail.com Master Beekeeper
  • Making and using a solar wax melter
  • Preparing honey and wax for entering a show
  • Four Ways to Harvest Honey without an Extractor
  • Let your bees go Naked: Foundationless Frames
  • Simple Beekeeping: Ways to Make your Beekeeping Easier
  • Fun and Facts about Wax
  • The Camera as a Hive Tool
Beeutiful Bees Mark Mettler 1297 Hagan Mill Pond Rd.
Statesboro, GA
Bulloch 404-213-8112 markmettler@me.com
Swarm Chasers Apiaries Mary Cahil-Roberts 534 Mt Gerizim Rd.
Mableton, GA
Cobb 404-388-3427 beecharmer0703@gmail.com Master Beekeeper
Senior Welsh Honey Judge
  • Hive Inspections -Seasonal
  • Certified Naturally Grown
  • Safety in the Apiary
  • How to Present in a Honey Show...what the Judge is looking for!
  • Now what, I have been a beekeeper for a couple of years....
  • Drones and then some
  • Creamed Honey
  • Bee Nutrition and local plants
Noah Macey noahmacey@gmail.com Master Beekeeper
  • Top bar hives
Randy Rolen Ringgold, GA Catoosa 423-304-2714 randyrolen@hotmail.com Master Beekeeper
Welsh Honey Judge
  • Will taper the program to the needs of the club
Beekeeping USA Ray Civitts Toccoa, GA Stephens 706-886-1322 ray@beekeepingusa.com
  • Year Round Beekeeping – A look at what to do throughout the year.
  • Hive Body’s – Why each part of the hive is important and how is it used.
  • The origins of honey bees.
  • What to look for in purchasing beekeeping wears (Suit and gloves).
  • Where to place your hive – What to look for in placing your first hive.
Rodney Garner Dahlonega, GA Lumpkin 678-602-2067 rodney02@yahoo.com Welsh Honey Judge
Honey Show Secretary
  • Honey shows and how to prepare for them
Bee Faithful Farms Stacy Roberts 249 Welborn Rd
Maysville, GA
Banks 678-617-8918 beefaithfulfarms@windstream.net Honey Show Steward
Certified Naturally Grown
  • General Beekeeping
  • Products of the Hive
Shamrock Apiaries Steve Nofs 304 Woodmont Court
Macon, GA
Bibb 478-396-0712 ganofs@cox.net Master Beekeeper
Welsh Honey Judge
  • Getting started in beekeeping
  • Basic bee biology
  • Pollen harvesting, cleaning, and selling
  • Honeybees for non-beekeepers (this was a 3 part talk requested by a local adult learning center – could be condensed)
  • Moving from hobbyist to sideliner
Coweta Sustainable Beekeeping Steve Page Coweta 770-683-2465 stevepage@numail.org
  • Coweta Sustainable Beekeeping
  • Nectar Management AKA checkerboarding reduce swarming and increase honey production
  • OTS queen rearing notching a simple method for hobby beekeepers to raise queens and making splits
  • Duplex nucs, a cost effective method to overwinter extra colonies to replace dead colonies ending the annual late winter order for nucs or packages and always trying to catch up
  • Swarm traps, How to build and use. How to increase your odds.
Ross Berry Farm and Apiaries Inc Terry Ross 159 Watkins Rd.
Canton, GA
Cherokee 770-776-6094 terry@rossberryfarm.com
MtnHoney Virginia Webb Clarksville, GA Habersham 706-754-7062 mtnhoney@windstream.net Master Beekeeper
Senior Welsh Honey Judge
World Honey Show - Senior Judge
Florida Master Beekeeper
EAS Master Beekeeper
  • Marketing Honey - OUTSIDE THE BEEHIVE
  • Teaching Beekeepers How to Teach Kids about Bees
  • Speaking to the Media about Bees and Beekeeping
  • Georgia's Farm to School Program
  • Preparing Honey Show Entries
  • How and Why to get involved with Master Beekeeping Programs
  • Green Beekeeping
  • Several Beeswax programs (allowance of 1 1/2 hours)
Shoal Creek Bees Will Dix Athens, GA Oconee 706-549-0901 swill509@aol.com Master Beekeeper
  • Introductory Beekeeping Courses
  • Getting Started
  • Year Round Management Honeybee
  • Biology
  • Equipment
  • Spring Management
  • Making Splits
  • Understanding the Sting
  • Occupational Health for Beekeepers
  • Honeybee diseases
  • Varroa control
  • Murphy's Law and Beekeeping